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Underwater cave
Underwater cave


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Ugly Shoes

Ugly Shoes

Ugly Shoes

Take 1

Today, I wore the ugly shoes that let my girlfriend know that it was okay to ask me on a date.

Because appearance is an important by-product of existing

There are people who long to be formless minds in the ether, because bodies are painful, and clothes are unkind.

It’s not the clothes that are the problem.

There are people who waft through roomS like brightly painted lanterns, glowing incandescent in the dark.

Some of them are glowing to prove that they aren’t worthless.

It’s not the darkness’s fault.

There are people who run their feet into broken tendons and fractured bits, getting away from the demons inside.

It’s probably the demon’s fault.

In that instance.

Ugly Shoes

Take 2

Heterosexual women use their feet to lure a mate. So, my love tells me.

I didn’t care for that and so I have lured a woman to me who loves me and hates my shoes.

I’d rather walk comfy with a person who likes my brain.

Ugly Shoes

Take 3

On my feet are a few hundred grams of synthetic protection and comfort.

Shoes are for walking on rough paths, outrunning lions, taking the stairs, cutting through long grass, and keeping your socks dry when there’s puddles.

I am aware of the other school of thought. On shoes.

Shoes are for looking taller. Shoes are for beautiful. Shoes are expressions of identity and gliding confidently through rooms with swaying hips and tight bottoms.

There are people who say: my heels are so comfortable. More comfortable than sneakers.

How can they be?

It’s what you’re used to, I guess.

My shoes and I will keep outrunning lions, cutting through grass, and keeping my socks dry in puddles.

Photo by Andrew Peluso https://unsplash.com/@orenda91

© 2023, Joss Cannon