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Duress by Joss Cannon book cover


Isn’t getting by hard enough?

Especially, when you’ve only been in civilization for six months and you’re still relearning the rules: like—how to use a communicator, don’t stab irritating people, and cannibalism is frowned upon.

Elliott Beau might have survived nine years in exile, but this time: it’s his family's lives on the line, and now the gods themselves are in peril.

Duress is the first novel in Joss Cannon's suburbian fantasy series The Exiled Man. Inspired by the landscapes of Western Australia and aimed at readers of Jim Butcher’s Dresden files, Martha Wells Murderbot Diaries and Ben Aaronvitches' Rivers of London.

"Something wrapped around his foot and yanked him off the boat. There was a hand around his ankle. Bent double, he tried to prise it off his leg, but the hand was scaled and webbed, and it stuck to his leg as if it were welded on. The merperson dragged him away from the air and light and he had a sudden terrified recollection of what merpeople did to humans.
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